Socialism Comes To Payson?



No one asked the good citizens of Payson whether they wanted to bail out millionaire Wall Street bankers. The rich and powerful 2,500 miles away in Washington decided that in America it was acceptable that profits go only to the well heeled but that everyone else had to pay for the losses.

This is a perversion of the classic definition of socialism in which the rich get richer while everyone else supports their mistakes.

We might not have had a vote in D.C., but on Nov. 4 Paysonites will get to vote on their very own version of this perverse type of socialism.

The YMCA of the Valley (not quite 2,500 miles away, but hardly folks who I’d trust to have Payson’s best interests at heart), wants us to give up five acres of prime Rumsey Park land so that they can build a Y facility.

In other words, everyone in the town (we’re all landholders of Payson’s public lands) gets to give up something dear. Who benefits? The YMCA of the Valley and the several hundred folks who can afford the membership fees and other charges to use the facility.

The Y folks object to this argument hiding behind the veil of their alleged nonprofit status. They’re not in it to profit, but to serve.

But several organizations (see the Citizens Against Government Waste Report “YMCA’s: From Community Service to Disservice”) have ruled that the Y is not entitled to nonprofit status since it acts just like a for-profit business that is in competition with other fitness facilities in the area. Payson’s solution to this dilemma is a proposed subsidy that citizens can use at the Y or any of the town’s other fitness facilities. Talk about socialism. Should Payson really be subsidizing fitness as opposed to any other pro-social activity?

Even worse, since it would appear that such a subsidy would be means tested, who gets to collect private citizen financial data and make allocation decisions? We didn’t get the opportunity to say no to D.C., but we can stop creeping socialism at our doorstep. Just vote no on the Y.

Howard Levine


Pat Randall 8 years, 3 months ago

Don't forget the directors of the Y they will be getting their high dollar salaries also. Maybe if they win they will go on a retreat.


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