Ballot Forum Tackles Tough Questions Wednesday Nite


Should the state constitution forever bar sales taxes on houses?

How about gay marriage?

Not controversial enough?

Well then, would a state law banning restrictions on health plan choices benefit patients — or insurance companies?

Should Arizona make it all but impossible to pass initiatives that would raise taxes by requiring an approval of a majority of registered voters – as opposed to the folks who show up?

Does a ballot measure to extend regulations on payday loans serve consumers — or the ripoff loan industry?

Do new home buyers need more protection from slipshod builders — or would a proposed “homeowners bill of rights” just add thousands of dollars to the cost of a house?

Should the state crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens — or would that just punish business for the failure of the federal government?

The current batch of ballot proposition pose all those questions and more.

If you are rooting about for answers, you might show up on Wednesday at a forum on the propositions that should draw advocates on all sides for a wide-ranging discussion moderated by Roundup News Editor Peter Aleshire.

The discussion of the non-partisan ballot measures will be hosted by the Northern Gila County Democratic Club at 6:30 p.m. at the Democratic Headquarters next to the Dairy Queen on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

The group will serve refreshments and has invited both sides to speak on each ballot measure.

A television broadcasting the presidential debate will be available for those wanting to stay and watch the 8:30 p.m. forum.


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