The Company You Keep Does Matter



Years ago growing up I remember hearing the old saying, “Sometimes you’re judged by the company you keep.” I don’t believe Barack Obama heard this good advice while he was growing up.

Many of us earlier in this campaign season, listened in amazement as we heard Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s recorded black liberation theology sermon damning America in a radical religious tirade. It was an amazing piece of preaching and for most of us, a disgusting rant having little to do with religion. Quite the contrary, many of us found this sermon directly in opposition to the Christian concepts of love, mutual respect and tolerance we hear preached in our own churches. Obama attended Wright’s church for many years and was married by Wright.

We have also learned Obama has had close ties to one Tony Rezko for some 17 years. Rezko is a Chicago slumlord, Obama political supporter and fund-raiser, and is a convicted felon.

Interestingly, Rezko’s wife bought a Chicago residential lot for full asking price adjoining the house Obama bought the same day. Both parties closed on the deal June 15, 2005. Obama bought his southside Chicago mansion paying $1,650,000 or $300,000 below asking price, while Rezko’s wife bought the adjoining lot for full price. Later Obama bought a portion of the Rezko lot.

Now comes from the New York Times an article on Obama’s links to one Bill Ayers. Ayers had charges of federal riot and bombing conspiracy charges against him dropped in 1974 because of illegal wiretaps and other prosecutorial misconduct according to the New York Times. Ayers was a founding member of the Weather Underground, a radical group believed responsible for one bombing death and one maiming in 1970, an accidental explosion in 1970 killing three radicals and a robbery in 1981 where three were killed including two police officers.

Ayers won’t say which bombings he had involvement with, instead stating “some details cannot be told.” Obama worked with a rehabilitated Ayers in Chicago on school issues numerous times over the years. Ayers contributed $200 to an Obama campaign in 2001.

Obama has stated as president he would have discussions with numerous world figures the current White House refuses to have discussions with. One must wonder, in light of Obama’s past history, if he would invite Hugo Chavez from Venezuela, Mahmound Ahmadinejad from Iran, the Castro brothers from Cuba, and the three Obama friends named above to the White House for coffee.

Sometimes you are judged by the company you keep. Obama’s best friends include a radical minister (Wright), a slumlord, now convicted felon (Rezko) and a former domestic terrorist (Ayers).

As for myself, I’m unable to vote for Mr. Obama.

Joe Schmidt


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