Found — A Better Place To Live



While crossing a busy traffic intersection yesterday I was almost hit by an oncoming truck. Two caring individuals fortunately stopped to see if I was injured.

I am old and hard of hearing. I was upset. I accepted their invitation for a ride, which sounded like a great idea as I was disoriented.

To begin with, it amazed me that they allowed me to sit in the cab with them under the circumstances.

I knew I smelled awful because I hadn’t had a bath in a very long time, and having long hair in matted dreadlocks, usually makes people look the other way. It didn’t seem to bother them at all. With all my missing teeth and gray hair they suspected I was a homeless veteran, but I had lost my dog tags.

One of the ladies offered me shelter for the night. She took me to her place, fixed me a delicious meal of beef country stew and cool water. But wait! It gets better!

She gently persuaded me into her tub and lathered me up with deodorizing skunk shampoo! Creme rinse brought out my shine.

Convinced that my matted hair was far too filthy to brush; out came the scissors. An hour later, my tangled dreadlocks were on the floor no longer pulling on tender skin. Oh I can’t begin to tell you how sweet it felt sleeping inside on a bed of soft pillows! Tomorrow I am going to the doctor for a serious infection inside both of my ears. I will need surgery for a large tumor I have had for a long time, too.

Tell my lost family I’m in a better place and I plan to stay with someone who really cares for an old dog like me.

Cathleen Beers,

on behalf of one lucky dog


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