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One of the most frequently asked questions at Payson Humane Society is: “How long do you keep an animal?”

We will keep an animal for as long as it takes for a forever home to come along. As long as the animal is not aggressive toward people and remains healthy, both physically and emotionally.

This is one reason why our volunteers are so important to our success. Volunteers come each day and let the dogs out into the exercise yard to run and play, or take dogs out for good, long walks. This helps to maintain a healthy dog population. The cats also enjoy volunteers who come and spend time grooming and socializing. It’s very important that all of the animals get enough social interaction with people to never feel as though they’ve been abandoned.

So often we hear people say, “I can’t volunteer there, it’s just too sad.” We can’t tell you there aren’t sad times. There are, but we can tell you that if you come and spend some time with us, you will begin to understand how many happy times there are also. Not a day goes by that something wonderful doesn’t happen. The nature of the business is rough, but as with any battle, the more soldiers you have, the better your chances of victory.

Foster homes are also an important part of our success. Sometimes animals are too tiny to survive without a foster parent, or are injured and need recovery time out of the shelter environment. Some need extra time to recover from an emotional issue that was caused in their past.

There are many other opportunities to volunteer that don’t require hands-on interaction with the animals. There is always a mountain of laundry, I’m sure our two legendary laundry ladies — Lois and Lola — wouldn’t mind if someone came in on the days they aren’t there to help keep up with that. There are also many fund-raising events that require volunteers to set them up and pull them off. And at the most important time in our history for fund-raising, we can use help with opening doors to groups or individuals who would be willing to let us share our story and vision of building the new facility that will take our shelter far into the future and provide the animals of this area a safe haven for years to come.

We know there are more questions, so please come and see us and let us have the opportunity to answer them. We can be found at 812 S. McLane Road and online at www.paysonhumanesociety.com or give us a call at (928) 474-5590.

This week’s animals are some who have been with us for quite a while. Please come and meet them; you may find your newest best friend.


Bruno is a 3-year-old neutered male brindle Pit Bull. His short coat is soft and clean-looking and he has an adorable, expressive face. He is an active dog, definitely not a couch potato. Bruno is a real people-pleaser; he is a happy, good-natured dog who would be a good companion for an active person. Bruno walks well on a gentle leader harness. He is very smart and learns quickly. Bruno has been introduced to some of the dogs at the shelter and does well. If you are interested in Bruno, we encourage you to bring your dog in to meet him. Bruno is a Pit Bull, and will require a home visit  by shelter staff prior to his adoption. Please hurry! There has to be someone out there who can provide a loving, safe home for Bruno. Please come forward soon. He is almost out of time!


Cheerful Chica is a gorgeous 4-year-old red Chow mix resembling a teddy bear. She was turned over to us by her owner because she kept trying to leave the yard, but with a good, high fence or dog run and a little training and attention, Chica will make a wonderful pet. She may be uncomfortable with small children and some dogs but otherwise Chica would be a good choice for someone with the time and patience to show her the fine dog she most certainly can be.


Scooter is a handsome 9-month-old red Shepherd mix who was turned over by his owners because they didn’t have room for him. They tell us he is good with children, rides well in cars and walks great on a leash. And he plays very well with the other dogs in the play yard. He also loves to splash in the wading pool! If you are looking for a sweet young pup who would love to make himself part of your family, come by the shelter and meet this charming Scooter. We think you’ll be happy you did!


This sweet but shy girl was turned over by her owner because she kept escaping the yard. She is about 2 years old and has a very unique smooth, dark chocolate coloring. Since she is kind of shy, her adopter will need to be willing to help her overcome this simple obstacle. She will need a safe, secure fencing system, training and lots of affection in order to become a fine, outstanding doggie resident. Come and meet her today!


Walt was brought in to us as a stray, so we estimate him to be about a year old. He’s very friendly, outgoing and gets along with other dogs. His bright white coat is short to medium in length and will require minimal grooming throughout the seasons to help with any shedding. His cute flopped over ears reminded us of a Disney character, so we named him Walt. He loves to play ball. We think he’ll make a great family companion, especially when you go on doggie-safe adventures. Please don’t make him wait any longer, come meet him today!


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