A Ymca Is Needed By Payson



A letter writer says “Your vote will reflect how we feel about being sued for the right to vote, which we should have without the town having to foot a bill for that right.”

It is your legally elected town council who voted to negotiate a lease with the YMCA. It was the group who call themselves Friends of Payson who filed petitions calling for an election. The Town of Payson has to pay for the election by law, the YMCA did not cause the election.

Why may I ask do we elect a town council if we can’t trust them to make responsible decisions for us?

Another writer asks, “Does Payson need another indoor recreation/fitness facility?” And his answer is “no.” I won’t even try to argue with that logic. I need to ask where do our youth go to have good wholesome fun?

Where can they go to shoot some baskets or play some indoor volleyball in the winter. Where can our older folks go to walk and relax in the winter. Where can they go to participate in water aerobics programs?

I could go on and on but I won’t waste your time, but please do me a favor and go up on the hill north of the tennis courts at Rumsey and I think you will see what some of our youth are doing. These are the young people we need to reach. Sir, our town is in critical need of indoor recreational facilities.

Bill Ensign


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