Motive Is To Raise Money For Ymca



Jim Keyworth and Vicky Lucas were on KMOG forum on Oct. 9, trying to figure out a motive for the proposed donation of a $5.6 million YMCA building and indoor recreation ... and all they could come up with was that the Y is making a profit.

I think a better reason is altruism. So you don’t need to go to your dictionary: “Altruism is unselfish concern for the welfare of others.”

For a parallel: What motive is behind the blood drives in which we participate? Are they trying to make a profit so they can afford new trucks, new equipment, pay for technicians, etc.? I think it’s altruism.

Same for churches: are they just trying to pay salaries for the staff and pay for buildings? No.

Likewise, the YMCA needs to raise money for their altruistic efforts. Thus, I encourage you to vote “yes” on Proposition 401.

Gile Sievers


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