Star Valley Speed Trap Turns People Away From Rim Country



On Oct. 10 I sent out a letter about my outrage over the Payson/Star Valley “speed trap.” I have since been in contact with Mike Vogel of the Payson Town Council about this matter.

I’m pleased to learn, after speaking with Mike, that the town of Payson has nothing to do with the “speed trap.” According to Mike, Payson doesn’t receive any revenue from the “speed trap.”

On the other hand, the town of Star Valley does enjoy proceeds from this moneymaker.

The presiding court for the area does have an office with a Payson address, but that and geography, appears to be Payson’s only connection.

Unfortunately for Payson area businesses, both are a damning association.

People aren’t going to head north from Phoenix and Scottsdale just to get robbed on Highway 260. I’ve reassessed my personal decision to not spend anymore time and money in Payson.

As for Star Valley, my mind is made up. Fix this situation, or I will continue my campaign to inform people of your disdain and greed toward visitors to your town. I’m a big believer in making our roads safe.

I will again suggest that the speed limit between Payson and Star Valley be lowered to 45 mpg the entire way, and more “photo radar” warnings be posted. If a motorist is caught speeding, then he has no one to blame but himself.

Any inconvenience of a lower speed limit is far better than an accident or a $187 ticket. According a little fairness to fellow citizens of Arizona isn’t too much to ask for either. It would go a long way toward making visitors feel welcome to vacation in that area again.

Patrick Dicker



Ronald Hamric 8 years, 3 months ago

On the contrary Mr. Dicker, If one cannot obey the posted speed limit signs then it would be a win-win for both Payson and Star Valley if that person chose to no longer come to this area and endanger it's residents and other visitors.


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