Comment Was Low Class



As a frequent visitor to Payson from the Valley, I would like to congratulate Payson High School on a fine football season. The only problem I have is with the announcers from KMOG.

Listening to last week’s game brought me to write this letter. While I have no problem with them being pro-Payson, I do have a problem with some of their comments. Toward the end of the Blue Ridge game a Payson player laid a very good block on Steel Armstrong of Blue Ridge. When he didn’t get up, Josh Herford said if the Payson player knocked Steel out of the game, he should get the player of the game award.

If this is Josh’s perception of what high school football is all about, he should be removed from the broadcast team. Will he provide the listeners with a list of future opponent players he would like to see with game-ending injuries?

No matter how he feels about Steel’s choice of where he plays football, he should not wish a game-ending injury on any player. That was very low class.

His final comment that he could now die a happy man after the victory might have a hollow ring to it if they meet again in the playoffs. The announcer’s historical account of the rivalry might indicate that he could be an unhappy man after the next game.

These are two very good football teams and evenly matched. I hope they play each other again this year. I will see that one and not have to listen.

As a final thought, I believe Josh Herford owes Steel an apology on the air, in print and in person. Anything less would be a continuation of low class.

Lonnie Hume



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