Vote Yes For The Ymca



Sylvia and I are voting yes on the YMCA because we believe the YMCA, coupled with the location, will have a positive impact on the quality of life in Payson. Placement of the proposed facility in Rumsey Park surrounded by softball fields, soccer fields, tennis courts, basketball courts and the library are perfect to encourage relationships and activities for all ages.

We believe an entity such as the YMCA with a history of cultivating cross-generational relationships will positively impact the entire community. As resources become more scarce, partnerships like the one between the Town of Payson and the YMCA will be increasingly common to provide quality programs to communities. I suppose that would put us on the “cutting edge.”

As a high school principal, I am constantly trying to lure the brightest and best to move their families to Payson to teach. Though our wages are slightly above average, the cost of living is fairly substantial. High caliber people who entertain moving to Payson are very interested in what it has to offer in the way of quality of life issues such as parks, pools, ballfields and recreational facilities.

Last summer I spoke with a top-notch educator — a teacher of the year who moved from Payson to Grand Junction Colorado. Why? She explained to me that Payson was a great place while her kids were small, but Grand Junction offered so much more in the way of quality of life issues for her family; like higher education, recreation programs and cultural activities. Payson lost a great teacher — and her family.

Over the last few years I can name a number of outstanding families that have moved from Payson to other places like Bend, Ore., Spokane, Wash., Coeur d’Alene, Idaho or, for that matter, the West Valley. Places that are investing heavily in providing a high quality of life for their residents.

So, what happens if your physician with young school-age kids decides to make the jump? Or your physical therapist? Or more teachers? How will that in turn affect your quality of life?

We must do everything we can to ensure a healthy vibrant community. Sylvia and I have spent our lives in Payson and are committed to it. We encourage you to sort through your mail, find your mail-in ballot for Proposition 401, mark yes for healthy kids, healthy families, healthy communities and send it today!

Roy and Sylvia Sandoval


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