Yes Vote Urged For Proposition 102



We just learned that Connecticut’s Supreme Court decided to “redefine” marriage without a vote of the people.

I am really upset that one or two judges can arbitrarily make this huge decision on social changes which will impact every person in that state. If it can happen in Connecticut, is Arizona far behind — or any state for that matter?

Whatever happened to “We the People”?

Is it possible that judges can decide what they want to do, and then force the rest of the population to go along with it? If Proposition 102 does not gain majority vote, that is exactly what will be happening here.

We will have no say in whether we approve of the “alternative lifestyle” that will be taught to our children in our public schools (which our tax dollars support), nor any other of the myriad ramifications that the passing of this proposition will protect. By putting the definition of marriage into our constitution, it forces a vote by the people to change it — not just one judge. All of the above is why we are voting yes on Proposition 102.

John and Ilona Swenson


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