Chuck Baldwin Is Moral, Godly American, Presidential Candidate



In a letter to the editor, Sonni Hunt wrote of how fed-up she was over the majority candidates. She was right, but left out the Constitution Party (the largest minority party) candidate is Chuck Baldwin.

You may or may not know that Chuck Baldwin is a pastor of a large church in Pensacola, Fla.

You can take it to the bank (that is if it hasn’t gone belly-up yet) that he will uphold the principles of the Constitution of the Republic. Though he has a long pledge list to We The People, I believe that it can be accomplished and now is the time to strike as the chaos in D.C. is overwhelming the country and causing much damage to the citizenry.

He is a moral, Godly American, but does not force himself or his religion down anyone’s throat. So don’t ignore the fact that we once voted in a Catholic president and a Muslim in the House; we need to try our fortunes on a Godly American for president — if they don’t kill him first.

He pledges: Stop undeclared wars; end our dependence on foreign oil; stop reckless spending on foreign aid and care for America’s domestic needs; get rid of federal income tax and restore tariff-based revenue system; terminate international trade agreements NAFTA, WTO and FTAA, and stop sending our jobs overseas; protect the right to life of the innocent and elderly; get rid of the national education and leave it to the states; stop judicial tyranny and legislating from the bench; defend Second Amendment rights; restore a debt-free, interest-free money system; uphold family values.

Stop by 211 E. Aero at 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 30 to hear more of the coming problems that face America.

Shirley Weyand


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