In Down Year Property Taxes Are Going Up?



Interesting — A 25 percent increase in our 2008 Full Cash Value taxes over 2007, and 2009 will be only 3 percent raise. Well, that’s only an average of 14 percent per year.

Limited Property Value taxes only went up 1 percent for each year.

This, in spite of declining property values over the past year. Yet, how could “they”anticipate. But now that values are down, do we get a tax reduction? Sure we do.

Inflation is around 3-plus percent — if you can believe Guv’mint stats.

So where is all the money going, folks? Is everyone getting a 10 percent raise? What else went up that we have to live with outside of food, gas and everything else. We sure as hell didn’t get a 10 percent raise in income.

Ask your county and civic people about the increases — I don’t think you’ll find or get an answer, but I have one. Do not vote for those who are currently in charge.

J.B. Shevlin


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