Dr. Linda O’Dell Deserves To Be Re-Elected



A little-known fact is that the Gila County Superintendent of Schools has some responsibilities in the area of Gila Community College. For example, someone wishing to stand for election to the college’s governing board has to file their nominating petitions in the superintendent’s office.

Perhaps most importantly, if for whatever reason there is a vacancy on the governing board, it is the superintendent of schools who has the responsibility to appoint a replacement.

During my tenure on the governing board we have had two such vacancies. Dr. Linda O’Dell, the current superintendent of schools, took great care to seek out candidates for such appointments and then proceeded to make a careful, thoughtful selection. The filling of both vacancies was conducted in a very thorough and professional manner.

My current colleague on the governing board from the northern Gila County area, Don Crowley, is an example of Dr. O’Dell’s appointment process (Don Crowley has subsequently been elected to the governing board).

Based on my dealings and observations over the past four years, Dr. Linda O’Dell deserves to be re-elected as the superintendent of schools for Gila County.

She has been sensitive to Gila Community College and has certainly earned the right to that office for another four years.

Larry K. Stephenson, District 2

Gila Community College Governing Board


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