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This year it is pretty simple — yes on the 100s, no on the 200s, yes on 300.

Prop. 100: Every few years, some tax-and-spend politician wants to tax homeowners equity to fund some vote-buying scheme, even though homeowners are already taxed by government at every level. Prop. 100 will protect homeowners equity forever from these vampires. Vote yes.

Prop. 101 simply protects our right to health care. It imposes no costs or restrictions. If people are stupid enough to want socialized medicine, they will be free to get it. Vote yes.

Prop. 102 protects the people of Arizona against activist judges overthrowing the will of the people. Look at what four leftwing justices did to the will of millions of California voters. Vote yes.

Prop. 105 makes it more difficult for radical minorities to impose their will on the majority. Right now, a small minority can raise taxes for all of us in a low turnout election. Vote yes.

Prop. 200 was written by the payday loan companies to allow them to continue to collect almost 400 percent interest from the unfortunate. If 200 fails, they will have to abide by existing 36 percent interest laws. Vote no.

Prop. 201 should be called the Ambulance Chasing Lawyers Relief Act. Written by an out-of-state lawyer, it would replace current arbitration and mediation with mandatory lawsuits to correct small issues. Everyone loses except the lawyers. Vote no.

Prop. 202 will take the enforcement teeth out of the current illegal immigration law, and allow unscrupulous employers to again hire illegals with impunity. Vote no.

Prop. 300 is a start. A $30,000 annual income still does not cover campaign expenses in the more expensive districts. Vote yes.

Dale Oestmann


Jake Ofaz 8 years, 2 months ago

You have been misled on Prop 105, it is seriously un-American and has nothing to do with taxes.

105 will amend the constituion in such a way that it will kill the initiative process.

It simply changes how votes are counted by counting all "registered" voters, not just those that vote. Registered voters who do not vote get their vote chosen for them--they become a No on all future initiatives.

This applies whether a voter died, moved, or skipped an initative on a ballot.

It is WRONG to count those who don't vote.

105 is so broad it applies to every conceivable initiative. Not a single initiative that voters passed since 1974 would be enacted under 105's rules.

This is not a conservative or liberal issue--though it was craftily worded to sound like a common sense consevative issue.

Don't be deceived. Visit http://thevotersofaz.com for more.


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