Most Pressing Issue Facing County Is Money



In these closing days of the 2008 election cycle, a lot has been written about candidates’ campaign claims and tactics. The Gila County supervisor races in Districts II and III have been peppered with claims and counter-claims.

The core issues have changed since the candidates originally filed their petitions. In the first quarter of this year, the supervisors’ issues were taxes, spending, the economy, teamwork and civility. After the 2008-09 county budget was adopted, the other issues began to fade when compared to the massive ($16 million) budget increase from 2007-08.

In the last few weeks, the federal government has been busy bailing out the banking industry and the markets have been in a tizzy. During the same period, the state of Arizona has demonstrated that it is still unable to live within its means, again racking up huge shortfalls in revenue.

Faced with this summer’s lavish budget increase, the issue for most Gila County residents has crystallized.

Whose pockets will be emptied to support the continuation of this universal craziness, is hard to say.

The weighty discussions about quantities of cash needed for reserves, an impending slide into recession, and probable inflation caused by the fed’s plans to infuse almost a trillion dollars into the markets have everyone wondering what could possibly come next.

Whatever it is has to start at the grassroots. Our governments must re-learn frugality. We at home are being forced to do it right now. Consumer spending across the nation has slowed considerably in recent weeks. That might be just the tip of the iceberg.

Don’t be fooled by the excuses, explanations and slick stories. The supervisors’ election is all about the most pressing issue facing not just Gila County residents, but everyone across this great nation.

It’s the money!

Ted Thayer

Non-partisan candidate for District III Supervisor


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