Payson Woman Authors Book On Building Efficient, Productive Community Groups



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The book How to Play Nice Together gives the techniques for building an efficient and productive community group in story form and also provides a workbook to help put the theories into practical application.

No one is an island. We are all part of a community in some form or another. Our communities are the people with whom we are related; those with whom we work, play and strive toward a common goal; and where we live.

To help everyone get more out of their personal communities, make them stronger and more efficient, business consultant Christine Wailand-Harrison of Payson has written the book “How to Play Nice Together — Creating Community Locally and Globally.”

Co-authored by Judith Bach, a psychotherapist, the book uses storytelling to share the principles of creating an efficient and sustainable community in which all members contribute and grow.

“The book came from an idea a colleague and I had for a very long time,” Wailand-Harrison said.

She said it is not uncommon to see alienation and divisiveness and how it strangles productivity.

“So much energy is being put into conflict. People need to realize we are in this together and we need to work together for solutions.”

Wailand-Harrison said the book is written to step away from the theoretical and be fun to read.

One of the devices they used to illustrate the conflicts between the seven characters was physical manifestation.

“They have a conflict and there is an earthquake,” Wailand-Harrison said.

To make the book more useful, the authors have a workbook included.

The work was a long time in coming, she said. She and Bach have been working on it for about seven years.

“Life happens,” she said, explaining the delay in making the book a reality.

The idea held up over that length of time, “So we weren’t ready to give up on it. We felt it still could help people.”

She said she and Bach have observed that many people want to be involved, but aren’t sure how to contribute. The book is written to help those people learn how to make their contributions.

“You can discover who you are by participating in groups and realize talents and skills you may not have been aware of before,” Wailand-Harrison said.

“Individuals can enjoy growth along with the growth of the group.”

She said the book’s message for leaders of organizations is “there’s a way to create efficiency and sustainability. For members of groups, the lesson is “I have something to contribute.”

The goal is to give everyone who might have a sense of “disquiet about their community (or workplace) a sense of possibility.”

The book, “How to Play Nice Together — Creating Community Locally and Globally,” is available at The Bookstore & More, 1001 S. Beeline Highway, online at, and the Web sites for Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders.

Wailand-Harrison will have copies of the book available to purchase and autograph at Down the Street Art Gallery, 703 W. Main St., for the Nov. 7, 2008 First Friday festivities.

She said she hopes to speak with area service clubs and organizations about the book. The publisher, Xlibris, is planning a national advertising campaign for it starting Nov. 17.

To contact Wailand-Harrison about speaking or about the book, e-mail her at


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