Stealing, Destroying Obama Signs Gives More Money To His Campaign



Some friends and I have discovered a great new way to raise more money for Obama.

Every time our yard sign gets stolen or trashed, we send a $25 donation to Obama’s campaign. This, from two individuals who sent money to McCain in 2000. But that McCain no longer exists, so we are supporting the more qualified Obama.

We have lost three yard signs, but have another one ordered. There are around 50 more supporters who have also lost signs and are contributing $25 to Obama’s campaign.

Now we have decided to up the ante to $50 for each destroyed or stolen Obama sign during the last two weeks. When we put up our new sign would someone please take it or destroy it? That way we can send even more money to Obama’s campaign. Don’t let the fact that doing so constitutes a criminal offense. That never stopped you before.

Help us get Obama elected. Steal a yard sign now.

Mike Voden


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