Time To Check Ductwork For Leaks


The cooler weather brings on an ideal time to get home air conditioning ductwork checked, and if necessary, repaired for leaks.

As much as one-third of a heating/cooling system’s airflow could be leaking through the ducts, causing not only physical discomfort, but unnecessary pain in the pocketbook.

This year, almost 200 APS customers have taken advantage of the new APS Duct Test and Repair Program; saving an average of $120 a year in energy costs with some customers saving up to $200 a year. Their collective participation adds up to a lifetime savings of more than two million kilowatt-hours; enough to power 1,900 homes a month.

Moreover, customers who get their ductwork tested and repaired by a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified contractor are eligible for a rebate of up to $250 from APS.

So, how can you tell if your ductwork is leaking and needs repair?

“Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you have a problem by just looking at your ductwork. APS testing has shown that even new homes often have excessive air duct leakage. That’s why it’s important to have a trained technician test your ductwork for leakage,” said Jim Holbrook, APS AC Rebate program manager.

But, Holbrook said there are some telltale signs of a problem:

• The insulation on the ductwork has dark and discolored areas.

• Your home has a stuffy room that never seems to be comfortable in the summer.

• Your home has a room, or rooms that are difficult to cool or heat.

• Air coming from your heat pump feels lukewarm or even cold in the winter.

• Your home seems to get dusty frequently even though the windows are closed.

• The inside of the ducts get dirty frequently.

To find a certified BPI contractor, customers should call the APS Energy Answer Line at (888) 890-9730.


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