The Y Does Not Buy Local



The Valley of the Sun YMCA claims they will infuse money into our town. When will it start? According to their Campaign Finance Report their political committee, Good for Taxpayers, Good for Families, Good for Seniors, Vote Yes on the YMCA in Support of Proposition 401 , has spent nearly $29,000 to get their YMCA in our park.

The majority of those expenses were paid to public relations and advertising companies in Phoenix and Scottsdale. The companies designed all of those fliers mailed to your home as well as those nice full-page color ads in the newspapers. Couldn’t the Y have spent some of that printing and design money in our town? If they want to be a good citizen, why haven’t they started already?

Their committee has raised $12,000 to date, the only contributor is the Valley of the Sun YMCA. Not one Payson citizen has contributed to this political committee.

The committee opposed to the YMCA in the park is called Friends of Payson, Vote No on 401. They have raised $4,985 so far, all from local Payson citizens and businesses. Their expenses totaled $4,675. Of these, $4,350 went to legal costs. A lawyer from Prescott was hired as no local lawyer would take the case. The balance was spent at local Payson vendors for printing of referendums, fliers and signs.

If the YMCA wants to be a good citizen to Payson, why does it not spend some more of its money locally? Is this an indicator of the type of good citizen they will be in the future?

Vicki Lucas


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