District To Seek $3.7 Million In Advance Payments


Payson School Board members approved asking for $3.7 million in advance from the state during Monday night’s board meeting.

The money is needed because of delayed property taxes due to a countywide computer glitch that delayed the mailing of statements, officials said.

District Financial Manager Bobette Tomerlin said the state will likely grant the request.

“It’s not additional monies,” she said. It’s simply an advance.

When asked if the state had the money to give, Tomerlin said she couldn’t speak for the state.

She did, however, say that the state has money set aside for education.

If the advance is not approved, the district will borrow money through the county.

Property tax due dates have been extended to Dec. 1 as a result of the computer glitch, but area schools found themselves without enough money to pay the bills.

The Pine Strawberry School’s financial bridge also collapsed recently when county tax dollars did not enter the coffers when expected. That school now has an extended credit line from the county and its business manager moved funds around to loosen up cash.

County officials have said they will pay for any interest incurred for a loan.


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