Hayride Was A Perfect Event



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Neesa Matteson won first place for best costume at the Third Annual Halloween Hayride and Trick-or-Treat.

Saturday was the Third Annual Halloween Hayride and Trick-or-Treat in Christopher Creek and Hunter Creek.

Around 50 kids showed up for the hayride in Hunter Creek.

Three-year-old Neesa Matteson won first place for best costume. She was all dressed up in full makeup and had the cutest witches costume, and could this little one talk. It was like talking to an adult.

Special thanks goes out to everyone who made this a perfect event for the little ones.

We fed them and loaded up on the cart for a night of fun and trick-or-treating.

The first place we saw some excitement was Rod and Lorna Aschbrenner’s. Lorna was all dressed up in a black, hooded outfit, with her face all painted up and when we went by her deck she was dancing from one end of her deck and back as we passed her making scary faces. Everyone got a big kick out of it.

I just told everyone not to pay any attention to the lady on the deck because she was just my crazy neighbor.

Thanks, Lorna, they loved you.

I wish I would have had my video camera. Oh, happy day, when we went to Ralph and Dottie Christopherson’s. They had all the babies crying. Ralph was dressed up in this creature outfit standing at the end of his driveway, and when he moved, everyone screamed and the babies began to cry.

He also had several animated creatures in his driveway. The older ones loved it, Ralph and Dottie. And, as for the babies, oh well!

Then we made our last stop at Jarve and Judy Sellers’ because they wanted it to be pitch dark — and it was. Jarve was dressed up and hiding in the bushes and Judy was passing out candy in a costume with a dummy on the deck that moved and scared the kids. Jarve’s son was hiding in the yard in costume and you could hear the kids scream from miles away.

Thanks to all who made this a fun night, and to Steve Matteson, who it would not be possible without. He brings up his old tractor and large hay cart to haul all the little goblins. He decorates it and makes it perfect, driving everyone around.

Halloween party

Creekside Steakhouse is going to have its Halloween Party for the adults this Saturday, Nov. 1 with music by Bud Light John. There will be prizes for the best costumes, so don’t put them away yet. Come out and join in on the fun.

Bud Light will be playing there every Friday and Saturday.

Time to decorate the highway

The Christopher Creek Homeowners Association will be decorating the highway for the holidays Nov. 8. All the fun starts at 9 a.m. at the fire station. There will be a chili lunch around noon. Get involved and come out and help hang the lights.

Don’t forget fall clean up and pick up is the same day, so have your bagged leaves and needles near the road for pickup. Everyone helping needs to meet at the Landmark with their trucks and trailers.

Don’t forget to vote from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 4. If you live in this area, the voting is at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Church, next to the fire station. This is an important election, please vote.


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