Obama Will Give Tax Refunds To People Who Don’T Pay Income Tax



Did you know that Obama’s tax plan includes income tax refunds under the guise of tax credits to people who don’t pay any income tax?

Did you know that if you aren’t in the lowest 44 percent of wage earners, your net tax will actually rise? Obama’s slick little lie about middle class tax cuts doesn’t include the increased cost for his health care plan.

Did you know that earners making over $250,000 are the investor class, those who keep the wheels of the economy moving by investing their wealth in private companies? Obama’s plan will increase their tax rate by as much as 40 percent. That will reduce the amount of investment income available to businesses of all sizes, and will cost jobs. Obama knows this is a problem, that’s why he is proposing to put five million people to work on government-subsidized clean energy projects.

Obama’s plan will increase the number of people who are dependent on the government for their income, as time goes on, that number will continue to rise. This is the whole point of his candidacy. Obama is a die-hard socialist, he’s trained under the Marxist communist Saul Alisnky, he’s worked for socialist organizations all of his life and is a member in the Socialist Party of America.

Obama and his ilk do not respect national borders, they disclaim rights to personal property and have no respect for entrepreneurs. Their goal is to make sure that everybody globally lives the same lifestyle under a global government.

Obama is a skilled orator who is able to manipulate facts to appear as he wishes them to. His skill may net him a victory. But, just remember this on Nov. 4, freedom and liberty will not die in battle, they will die with thunderous applause.

Bob O’Brien


Melody Fisher 8 years, 2 months ago

It is indeed sad that such ignorance and predjudice as yours is rampant in Rim Country! What was stated is the neo-con line of talking points and far from the facts. And, Senator (excuse me - President) Obama is neither a "die-hard socialist", "trained under the Marxist communist Saul Alisnky", nor "a member of the Socialist Party of America"! I studied Carl Marx in college as well as other various philisophical viewpoints, that doesn't make me a communist, a socialist nor any other label you wish to put on me. It makes me highly educated and open-minded and thoughtful, just as Obama is.
I am also apalled that the Roundup would print such a message of ignorance, misinformation and hate. Compare your letter to the other one emphasizing tolerance and compassion for all, just as Jesus taught us. Oh, sorry, there is no comparison to be found! And I'm sure you call yourself a Christian as well.


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