Hit And Run Disheartening



On Wednesday, Aug. 27, at approximately 2 p.m., on the north side of the Wal-Mart Shopping Center, someone hit a parked 2007 white Chevy Cobalt then fled the scene.

I would like that person to know this car belongs to a soldier home on an 18-day leave from Afghanistan. I would like that person to know this soldier will have to pay to have his car fixed himself with money he earns fighting for your freedom to live your life as you choose.

There was a moment when you had the choice of living your life with integrity and honesty or speeding away in your vehicle hoping not to get caught. Unfortunately for this soldier, you chose the latter.

A report was filed with the Payson Police Department. If anyone saw anything or heard anything, please notify the police. This soldier will be grateful.

The Soldier's Mom

Paula Williams

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