P-S School Suspends Student For Pointing Bb Gun


A fifth-grader was suspended from Pine Strawberry Elementary School Monday, Aug. 25, after finding a BB gun at the bus stop and pointing it at other students.

No students were injured and the boy was not able to fire the gun, said Pine Strawberry school Principal Mike Clark.

Around 7:45 a.m., Aug. 25, a sixth-grade girl found the fully loaded air pump gun near a bus stop and was going to give it to the bus driver, said Gila County Sheriff's Deputy Peter Licavoli.

While waiting for the bus to arrive, she put it down. A fifth-grade boy picked up the gun and tried to shoot it, but he could not figure out how to work it, Licavoli said.

While trying to shoot at a can, he pointed the gun at five children at the bus stop, Clark said.

The boy then put the gun in the bushes. When the bus arrived, a preschooler told the driver they saw the boy put the gun in the bushes, Licavoli said.

The driver called Clark, who came out and found the gun in the bushes.

Initial reports indicated the boy brought the gun to school and fired the gun, but this was a mistake by the Gila County Sheriff's Office, Licavoli said.

All of the parents were called in to the school, but none wanted to press charges, Licavoli said.

The fifth-grader was suspended from school for three days.

"Since I arrived, this is the first time anything like this has happened," Clark said.

Authorities do not know how the gun ended up at the bus stop.

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