Traditional Early Dove Season Has Started


It is four days into the traditional early dove seasonor Arizona, where shotgun enthusiasts can sharpen their aim at these darting targets.Many hunters use this two-week periodo get ready for the October opening of the very popular quail season.
The Payson area has a huntable population of mourning doves, while the lower elevations of Tonto Basin will also have a few whitewings along the creek.The key to locating these birds is to find their water source and feeding area.By setting up close to these key spots, you shouldbe able to have some shooting action.

Keep in mind, there iso discharging of a firearm within a quarter-mile of an occupied home or lodge.ftentimes, a water source may be within that proximity, especially in theonto asin area along the creekbed.f there is a question about distance,sking permission from a landowner is always a safe bet.
The Payson area is in Unit 22, which is considered the southern zone for dove hunting where the daily season starts at 30 minutes before sunrise and ends at noon.he boundary of the unit is Tonto Creek, so the desert area on the west side has the noon ending time each day.
The east side of Tonto Creek is Unit 23, which is in the northern zone and has a more generous daily season which extends until sundown.t is imperativeo know the huntingoundaries so there is noossible game law violation.

Using a good pair of field glasses at sunrise or sunset will be a big help in finding a possible flyway that doves are frequenting.ith a little practice the 10-bird daily limit can be achieved.

A "dove and dumpling dinner" with friendss a great way to kick off the fall bird hunting seasons in the Rim Country. remember the first time I tasted this delicacy at Ted and Lillian Pettet's home over 35 years ago.fter a successful hunt in the basin with Ted and his two boys, Teddy and Jeff, Lillian prepared a gourmet wild game feast that I still remember well.

There are only 10 days left, so get that hunting license and migratory bird stamp and head to the field.ven if you don't get your limit, you are still sharpening those shooting skills for quail season next month.his weekend, take a friend hunting and enjoy God's creation.

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