What Ever Happened To Casting A Ballot?


Quick: What's the difference between a man who can't vote and the one who doesn't?

So suppose the communists took over.

Heck. Not the communists -- the Taliban.

Now suppose they said only communists -- or bearded mullas -- would be allowed to select the nation's leaders.

The rest of you devil-worshipping knuckleheads should shut up, stay home and thank the ruling elite for whatever services they deign to offer you.

Would you mind?

Would you demonstrate?

Would you join the resistance?

Would you risk your life to regain the right to have a say in your own government?



Bring on the revolution?

Well then: Please explain.

Why exactly didn't most people vote on Tuesday?

And what's the plan for November?

Rim Country just had another primary election. The race decided who will run for an open Congressional seat, which will play a role in determining whether the nation continues in the "wrong direction" that most voters tell voters we're headed.

It also decided one seat on the board of supervisors and who will serve as Gila County Sheriff.

Not earth shaking -- perhaps. But important nonetheless.

So who showed up?

County wide, just 27 percent of registered Republican voters and 35 percent of Democratic voters cast their votes.

Mind you, only about two-thirds of eligible voters bother to register in the first place.

So that means only about one in five voters bothered to exercise the power -- and responsibility -- that so many Americans have died to protect.

What gives?

How could we be so careless of a privilege won at such a cost? How could we treat with such contempt our right to vote when the great bulk of the world's population is yearning for a say in their own lives, but threatened by their own government?

Of course -- we've heard all the excuses.

They're just a bunch of lying politicians.

No time to do the research.

They won't keep their promises anyway?

They're all bums.

What difference does one vote make anyhow.

Tell it to George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Delano Roosevelt. Tell it to the guys whose names were on that memorial wall, whose lesson now seems so wasted.

Ah well.

Just too much trouble.

Got to read those news stories, plow through the voter guide, then actually fill out the mail-in ballot -- or God forbid spent 20 minutes getting down to the polling place and marking the ballot.

Sometimes, it seems like perhaps the cynics are right. We don't really deserve a Democracy.

We are reminded of that old saying: There's really no difference at all between the man who can't read -- and the man who doesn't.

Fortunately, redemption gleams not far off.

There's another election scheduled in about two months, with another list of vital decisions.

You can start your homework now -- and be the citizen this nation deserves.

Or at least start working on some better excuses for not voting.

Because frankly -- the one's we've heard so far are downright lame.

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