What's Happened To Our Dui Laws?



I was not sure where to put this letter, but I feel I need to say something.

I am a resident of Tonto Basin, and a registered voter. I love it here.

But recently something happened that concerns me a great deal.

There was a gal here, who was involved in an accident on Highway 188 in front of our new market, Tonto Basin Marketplace. She had pulled out in front of the car carrying another lady and her two children. It caused the small car to hit the larger van broadside. Thank God no one was hurt, but both vehicles were totaled.

The lady who pulled out in front of the other car had been drinking for about four hours just prior to this wreck. The officer took that woman to jail on a DUI charge.

Her case went to court this last week. According to the woman herself, the case was dropped. This is the woman's third offense. What happened to the mandatory jail time and breathing apparatus?

What happened to the mandatory license suspension?

How could this case, that could have easily killed those children, be dismissed? There are anumber of us here in Tonto wondering just what happened to our justice system.

Now another person with many DUI charges is free to drink again and possibly kill someone next time.

Charlene McCarthy

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