An Epidemic Of Honesty



I would like to alert the citizens of Payson to a condition that could possibly be an epidemic -- the condition I'm speaking of is unfathomable honesty.

On Saturday, Aug. 30, I lost my money clip in the Safeway parking lot and did not note the loss until the next day. On Monday I was in Safeway shopping and almost asked if anyone had turned in a money clip with a large amount of cash in it. After thinking that over a little I decided not to announce to the world that I might be a fool.

Tuesday when I returned to my office a voice mail message was waiting for me from one of Safeway's managers telling me that someone had turned in my money clip. The clip had one of my business cards with some notes on the back of it tucked in with the money.

I'm not a cynic, I'm basically an optimist, but this act of honesty by two people, the unknown citizen and the manager at Safeway astonished this optimist.

By the way, I'll be donating $50 to the charity of Safeway's choice in the name of these two honest Paysonites. And I will share this tale of honesty with friends for some time.

Dennis J. Cahill

Bear Flat / Tempe

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