Angels In Payson



There are angels in Payson. Recently our mother went in to RTA Hospice in Payson. The care she received there was the best around.

The angels who work there treated her with kindness and loving care. Mom's stay there was brief, only four days, as she went downhill very fast. They made sure she was comfortable and fixed whatever she wanted for meals. She even got her ice cold Pepsi as she wanted.

When it was time for Mom to go, they made sure she was in no pain and as we held her hand as Mom passed quietly and peacefully.

Our family cannot say enough about the kindness extended by RTA Hospice.

We would like to especially thank Kathleen Hughes, community liaison; Lois Atkin, social worker; Cydney Morgan, R.N.; the whole IPU staff. All of the above are angels.

We would like to give a special thank you to Pam Conlin, R.N., as this angel stood out as an extra special and extra caring person.

Our heartfelt thanks to an organization that is there to care for people at the time when they are needed most.

The Bowman family

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