Rules Changed In The Middle Of The Term



I thought the people of the Payson area might like to know what has taken place at Payson High School.

Students that were taking online "state-approved" coursework over the summer are going to be re-tested by Payson High School to verify that they have attained the knowledge required by the curriculum at Payson High School.

There are a couple of problems:

1. This action was taken in the middle of ongoing coursework and the students / parents were not notified.

2. Students who have passed "state-approved" coursework may find that the course will not be allowed toward graduation at Payson High School.

3. At this time, Payson High School has not determined the make up of the test. The problem here is that the test that they come up with may or may not be applicable to the course taken.

4. Students who have passed the state required AIMS test and passed "state-approved" coursework may not be allowed to graduate.

Now, if they changed the rules in the middle of a football game, I guess no one would care. So be it with the staff at our school. You may wish to check this situation out with the school and then let the public know what is going on here in Payson.

John L. Kline

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