Too Many Students For A Teacher To Handle



A number of classes at Payson High School are jammed with far too many students, and the teacher load of 200-plus students is a direct slam at quality education.

The more than 50 years I have been involved in high school education both as a teacher and as a supervising teacher of student teachers, I was appalled to find one of our finest teachers, Bob Hoyt, has a student load of 202 students in six classes. It is generally considered by any measurement that a total student load of 135 to 140 is the maximum for effective teaching.

Good teachers will burn out with the present situation and will look for work elsewhere. Forty-two students crammed into a classroom designed for 30 or less students creates many learning problems no matter what grade level.

If the school board really desires to improve instruction and play fair to the fine students we have and the dedicated teachers, they will stop reducing teaching staff to save money, and find the resources to hire the badly needed staff.

I hope the affected parents and the citizens of Payson voice their concerns about the conditions at Payson High School.

Paul R. Gonnerman

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