Hunter Safety Course Offered By Fish, Game


The fall hunting seasons are in full swing with a number of archery elk units opening today, while theifle seasons will be following soon for most big-game in Arizona. Every year at this time, the Arizona Game and Fish Department offers the hunter safety course for all first-time permit holders.

There will be two courses held in the month of September for local outdoorsmen.onto Basin residents can register with Jarrod McFarlin, the wildlife manager for Unit 23, by calling 479-2150.

He will be teaching the class along with John Dickson, also a wildlife manager, and Jimmy Simmons of the Department of Public Safety.his class will be conducted at the Tonto Basin School starting Sept.15 through Sept. 17 and then completed on Sept. 22 through Sept. 24. On each of these days, the course begins at 5 p.m. and lasts to approximately 8:30 p.m. where a combination of archery, muzzleloader and rifle safety will be discussed.

The other hunter safety course will be offered in Payson at the LDS church beginning Sept. 18 through Sept. 20 and completed on Sept. 23 through Sept. 26.

The instructors, Milo Durfee, Craig McMullen and Jim Young, will also be teaching Arizona game laws and wildlife identification starting at 6 p.m. on each of the scheduled days. If you have any questions about the course and registration, give Jim Young a call at 472-8543.

The cost is only $8 for the entire course of study, which includes a four-hour field day at the Jim Jones shooting range.his is an opportunity for the entire family to learn firearm safety andunting ethics when going in the field.he course is open to everyone 10 years of age and older.

If you have a child less than 14 years oldho has drawn a big-game tag, then this is a required class. remember attending the course with my boys, andhe good-natured ribbing Dad took whene missed an obvious easy question on the test.
Another advantage of taking the course is thatpon completion, each participant receives an extra bonus point in all future big-game draws in the state of Arizona. might add that a number of western states requirehe hunter safety course before applyingor an out-of-state license, which is another added benefit to taking the class.
If you are looking for a family activity that can have long-lasting benefits,hen sign up for one of these Arizona Hunter Safety courses.
This weekend, enjoy the outdoors, God's creation.

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