It's Time For Cycle Of Pet Overpopulation To Stop


Summer is beginning to wind down, but here at Payson Humane Society it's hard to notice. The staff and volunteers are still dripping with sweat. The flies and bees are still here in swarms. And the puppies and kittens keep coming in.

Hopefully within the year, we will move into a new facility. That will help with the sweat, flies and bees as it's going to be completely indoors and have a good air-flow system.

But sadly, the worst of these issues is pet overpopulation, and all the new buildings in the world can't stop that. It's up to people... WE the people. Not just us at PHS but all of us.

As I took my daily walk through the facility this morning, I couldn't help but notice the purebred dogs. These are dogs that were intentionally brought into this world so someone could make a profit. Right now we have at least seven purebred dogs, and so many that are just one generation away from purebred you can hardly even tell they're not pure.

The point here is that just because someone pays money for an animal does not necessarily mean that they are responsible pet owners. Or that they will only allow their pet to breed with another purebred. So often, no one is paying close enough attention when a purebred female goes into heat, and every mixed breed male for miles shows up.

Because there's no money to be made, the resulting puppies are either given straight to us or given away free in front of the store. Many of these will never be inoculated or spayed or neutered, so the problem continues to grow.

The cold reality is: roughly 6 million unwanted companion animals are killed each year in shelters across the country. There were 564 killed right here at PHS the last fiscal year.

It's time for this to stop.


This little lady needs a special someone to care for her and love her. She was given up by her previous owner for having too many puppies! As responsible pet owners know, a quick fix is to have your pets spayed or neutered! Isis is currently nursing 10 puppies, but you can be sure, she will be spayed in a few short weeks when the pups are weaned. She is part Shepherd, extremely gentle and 3 years old. Please make room in your heart and home for Isis. Interestingly, Isis is the name of an Egyptian goddess of fertility, and is usually depicted as a motherly woman with wide-open arms. That's our Isis!


Timber is a 1-1/2-year-old male Belgian Shepherd. He stands tall and proud and rightly so. True to his breed, Timber is highly intelligent, alert and sensitive. Belgian Shepherds are also very well suited to family life. Our wonderful Payson Humane Society volunteer John noted today that, while on a walk, Timber was able to obey basic commands such as "sit," "stay" and "lay." Timber was very much in tune to John's movements to keep pace with him. This unusually beautiful creature needs a home where his presence will be appreciated and his apparent care and training will continue. Timber will find an owner very quickly, so if you think you deserve Timber, ya better hurry over to Payson Humane Society!


This beefy guy is a powerhouse. He is very gentle and obedient, but his body exudes strength when you walk with him. He is a Boxer mix, three years old, neutered and quite mature. Meatball needs a family who will love him and let him relax and be a happy boy. If you are looking for a soulmate, come and introduce yourself to Meatball.


Buck is a 3-year-old Ridgeback mix whose previous owner never reclaimed him. The Ridgeback's distinguishing feature is the ridge of hair along its back, running in the opposite direction to the rest of its coat, which well describes this buckeroo. Buck is ready for new adventures and exploring. If you are looking for a companion to go to the lake, hiking or jogging, Buck is your man.


Roxy is foxy! She is a beautiful, stocky 1-year-old Boxer mix. Her red and white coat is smooth and shiny and her eyes are big and brown. Roxy is very well behaved and needs a forever home. This is a classy lady who is currently interviewing potential owners. Hurry over and introduce yourself to this beauty!


This gentle giant is a 13-year-old Great Dane. The Great Dane's large and imposing appearance belies its friendly nature. He was brought in because his previous owner passed away. Samson will require a special home where he can have daily walks and a yard to roam. Samson is also good with other dogs, however, kennel staff feel he should not be placed in a home with puppies. He is an old soul who deserves a home and a companion who will give him dignity and compassion. If you feel that this is you, come and introduce yourself to Samson today.

Pet calendar deadline

You still have a chance to have your pet's picture featured in the Payson Humane Society's 2009 Calendar. The deadline to submit a high resolution photo of your pet has been extended to Sept. 27. Calendar dates are just $20 each.

The auction for the front page of the calendar will take place at the Payson Humane Society Benefit Dance Sept. 19 at the Mazatzal Casino. There will be live music by Junction 87, as well as silent and live auctions.

Call the shelter for details, 474-5590 or visit us at 812 S. McLane Road, just south of Main Street. You'll find us online at

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