Nights Are Cool, Skies Full Of Stars And Elk Are Bugling


You know it's fall when you wake up to the sound of elk bugling. And boy are they carrying on in the forest.

We love that sound here in Christopher Creek. The nights are cooler, the skies are full of stars and the leaves are starting to change. What more could you want? The end to a great summer.

10th Annual Ladies Retreat

The 10th Ladies Retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 8 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Christopher Creek Fellowship Chapel. It is a salad luncheon, so bring along your favorite salad to share.

This year's theme is "Following God's Will."

Join them for Bible teaching, sharing, good food and fellowship.

You are welcome to take a short walk after lunch. Childcare is provided but you must RSVP your child by Oct. 1 to Theresa Branson at (928) 476-2558.

For more information on this wonderful retreat, call Betty Starr at (928) 478-0398 or Pat Guevara at (928) 478-4122.

Fire Department News

The Fire District Administrator Jim Oliver appointed Chief Electra VanEckhoutte as chief for the department, ending her term as interim chief. Chief VanEckhoutte has been doing a great job, and deserves the promotion to full-time chief. Congratulations Electra, and great choice Jim.

The fire department sent four members to the State Fire School last week, and said that it was tough, but very good training. Chief VanEckhoutte, Captain VanEckhoutte and fireman Nate Mercer attended leadership classes, while Rick Schantz attended safety officers class. They all deserve a well done; we can't maintain a well-functioning department without training.

The department has acquired a new engine from Payson Fire Department; it's not new, but new to us. This engine will be assigned to station #53 in Ponderosa Springs to replace an aging engine there.

Chief VanEckhoutte traveled to South Dakota to finalize the specifications and order the new type 3 engine.

This is a CAFS unit equipped engine, which stands for Compressed Air Foam System. This will greatly improve the firefighting capabilities of our department, and reduces water usage. This engine is expected to be delivered in about eight to 10 months.

The brush pile from the clean up in Hunter Creek was burned, eliminating the need to haul it to the burn pit.

The Town of Payson, rather than Gila County, is now dispatching for the fire department; there are no changes to be made by the public. This only changes how we receive our calls on the radio. The public will still call 911 for all emergencies, and the station for all non-emergency fire business calls.

We still have funds for fuel reduction, and need the volunteer work forms filled out by the homeowners.

Please help remove the overcrowded trees from your property. You need to reduce the fuels 30 feet around your home. This does not mean clear cut. Call for an assessment of your property, and we will work with you in reducing your fire risk.

Winter is fast approaching, don't forget to have the chimney checked or cleaned.

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Oct. 25 is the Christopher Creek Homeowners Association Fall Meeting at 10 a.m. at the fire hall.

Also that Saturday at 4 p.m. is the annual Halloween Party and Trick-or-Treat Hayride at the fire hall. Call Judy Toole at (928) 478-0508 for more information.

Saturday, Oct. 25 at 4 p.m. is the annual Hunter Creek Halloween Party and Hayride. If you live in Hunter Creek and have kids or grandkids who want to go and if you can pass out candy, please give me a call at (928) 478-4519.


Daniel Ronn will be adding another candle to his cake Sept. 15. Pam Fisher will be celebrating Sept. 16, as will Anthony Acuna. Wishing all of you a happy birthday.

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