Once Again Payson Finds Out How Loud Big Money Talks



Lease of town property: Once again, someone with big money comes along and throws a monkey wrench into the little guy's machinery ... $300,000 condos!

Payson needs a phony waterfall from effluent water, and surely we need outrageously expensive housing (don't we have enough in the area?) like we need another gas station.

The people of the Humane Society provide a valuable service and have put up with a lot of Town of Payson-provided obstacles along the way.

Once again Payson will find out how loud big money talks ... I may be wrong, but who owns the land where the society is supposed to go?

Why not have that big money operator buy up that land from the society at three times current value, donate it to the society and then the society might be able to buy the land they need ... granting that developer the appeal is the same thing as the town exercising "eminent domain" for someone's personal gain -- a violation of the U.S. Constitution -- no matter how you hide it.

Leasing town land to the Humane Society -- for how much and for how long? How is the society to pay this lease? Aluminum cans ain't going to hack it, now is it?

I say that this big money has only one interest, and that is to fill their coffers and to hell with anyone else.

Why is it that the smell of big money always has the Town of Payson looking like a dog begging for a bone, or a jackass pulling a cart while chasing the proverbial carrot?

Jim Gier

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