Thanks To The Man In The Orange Canoe For Cleaning Up Gvp Lake



We walk around the Green Valley Lake every morning and have been sickened, not only by the "algae" floating, but now, we also have to see trash in there, too.

This morning, we saw a gentleman in an orange canoe, going around the edge picking up Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, bottles, etc. that "jerks" have thrown in the water.

What is wrong with you people? Have you no pride?

I called out and thanked him for what he was doing on his own time. Now, I want to thank him publicly.

Whose job is it anyway to keep the water clean? The parks and recreation department or the water department, since this is their project?

Maybe that was a "budget cut" too!

Again, thank you, sir.

Ladonna Dwyer

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