Labor Day Blast


The Burger and Brats sale and bake sale was a success over the busy Labor Day Weekend. These young ladies just showed up to buy some baked goods, and Lorna Aschbrenner was so excited because they picked her ice cream cone cupcakes to take home that she took there picture. Special thanks goes out to everyone that helped. Phyllis Agnew, Pat Oliver, Vicki Grootegoed, Bianca malmin, Karen Thornton, Eileen Kittock, Laura Alvin, Joy Nutter, Kathy and Hanna Rowe and Debbie Rotstein and to the Master Chef, Mark Alvin who cooked all the Brats and Burgers. To everyone that baked for the sale and everyone that showed up to eat. It was the end to a very nice summer. Thanks everyone.

Be on the look out there have been rattlesnakes in Hunter Creek. Last week someone killed a small one on their deck and said he saw more running around near the creek. It seems like all the animals have had the babies. Near the pond the Herons had babies, and talk about funny! When you see a bird as big as them in a nest high up in a tree it is pretty funny. The male heron stood guard over those babies for many weeks and the nest were some 6 feet wide. As you look at these big birds in a tree you wonder just how they can stay up there during these storms, but they somehow manage. There have been bear cubs seen and elk and deer babies.

It was a very busy weekend in Christopher Creek and the weather was pretty nice and cool. The last Holiday of the summer is over and highway 260 was non-stop on Monday.

Time to move on to fall.

The last no host luncheon for the Firebelle’s is scheduled for Monday, Sept.8 at Creekside at 12:00. You can call Phyllis Agnew at 928-478-0976 for more information.

Don’t forget to get your nominations in for Officers of CCHA. The deadline is September 20th, and you can mail them to CCHA, HC2 Box 121-P, Payson, AZ 85541. They need a President, Vice President and Secretary. Nominees must be a member of the CCHA, offer leadership, and have a keen interest in furthering the objectives of the Association.


Bailey Billings will be adding another candle to his cake on Sept. 6, and Bob Lusson will be putting another candle on his crowded cake on Sept.7, make him blow those candles out Betty. Teresa Purtee will also have another birthday on Sept. 7 and my mom; Marian Serge will be celebrating back in Pittsburgh on Sept. 10. Wishing all of you a Happy Birthday


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