Candidates Should Be Able To Display Their Political Signs



Driving through Payson one would never guess that a very important presidential election is coming, a state U.S. congressional district election not to mention several state and county offices to be filled.

Where are the signs declaring the names of the candidates and the offices they seek? Prior to the primary many people called me to ask who different people were and what office they were running for. Now that the primary is over, here is the list of the Republican candidates and their offices: John McCain for President, Sarah Palin for Vice President, Sydney Hay for U.S. Congress District 1, Barry Wong, Marian McClure, Bob Stump all for Corporation Commission, Sylvia Allen for State Senate, Barbara Brewer and Bill Konopnicki for State Representative, Linda O'Dell for Gila County Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tommie Martin for Gila County Supervisor District 1 and David Cook, Gila County Supervisor District 3.

The sign ordinances in Payson have become so strict that few of these people have been able to find proper places to put their signs. This is sad. Political signs remind people of names and offices for which they are running. It seems like the signs could have been allowed out for maybe two months prior to the elections and required to be taken down within two weeks after, but now they aren't hardly visible at all.

Charlotte Mortensen

Gila County Republican chairman

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