Classes On Jobs And Business Management Software Available From Community College


Looking for the right job?

Are you looking to improve your work skills?

Are you having difficulty finding the right job? Gila Community College faculty will assist you with learning essential skills to prepare you for successful entry into the world of work.

In less than one month, the COE 101 Job Seeking Strategies course is designed to help you develop important communication and interviewing skills when seeking work. You will learn how to complete all the necessary paperwork to apply for jobs.

COE 101 meets Sept. 15 to Oct. 8. You also may be eligible for a scholarship. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to move ahead to improve your job seeking skills.

Simplify business management

Simplify the management of your business with Quickbooks, one of the many Gila Community College short-term computer courses.

The Quickbooks program is a tool that provides useful information for almost any business or for personal data management. One learns how to manage business and banking services quickly.

Controlling inventory can be a trying process with frequent updating. With Quickbooks, one can easily track customer, product and vendor inventory lists.

Planning ahead with job tracking and having reports readily available are essential tools for quality business management. Invoice, payroll and tax procedures take time.

After the student completes the Quickbooks course, these tasks become much easier.

Complete many business tasks more quickly and easily by learning how to use Quickbooks. Michael Rose will be teaching CMP 110R Quickbooks on Saturday, Sept. 20 from 8 a.m. to 4:50 p.m.

To register, go directly to the Gila Community College Payson Campus at 201 N. Mud Springs Road, or log on to


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