Annual Flatlanders Party Took Place At Christopher Creek



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The 29th Annual Flatlanders Party took place Tuesday in Christopher Creek.

Last Tuesday was the 29th Annual Flatlanders Party here in Christopher Creek.

When everyone is telling residents to stay out of the woods because it is mating season for the elk, what do you think the residents of Christopher Creek did?

They headed to the woods with potluck dish in one hand and their coolers and lawn chairs in the other. The Flatlanders Party began 29 years ago. on the Tuesday after Labor Day when it starts to slow down and the residents get a sign of relief from the very busy summer.

They have a celebration known as The Flatlanders Party. Twenty-nine years ago, Woody who owed Woody’s Mexican Restaurant in Christopher Creek started this party.

Back then it was held at the old Sharp Creek. Woody would continue to set this party up for many years to come. As the story goes, Woody would set up a tub of his favorite margaritas and tell stories all night long if you were willing to listen.

As time went by, different residents would take over the task of setting up this party. Glasses were raised and a toast was made to Power Webb who put a lot of effort into these parties in the past. He was truly missed.

As you looked at the fire you could remember those who have passed, but you could see them and remember their laugh and how much fun they had and the wonderful stories they left behind, as if they were still there.

For they were a part of our lives. Those like Heber White, Bob Shields, Floyd and Lois Wilson, and their dog Sam, he was always a part of the party, Betty and Carl Palmquist, Shelly Hansen, Don Anderson, Jim Wheeler, Clayton Ashby and, of course, the one and only Power Webb, and many more who have moved on from this world, but I feel they were all looking down on us that night.

They made this party what it is today. Many that have moved away were missed Tuesday evening, Bob and Sam Conklin, Keith and Sally Tharp, Dean Shields, Don Pennington, Charles and Wilene Byrne, Al and Deloris Dale, John and Olive Matus, Bob Schillings and Candy Hart who is recuperating, we love you. Candy, and many more.

As time goes by, more will pass on and more will move away, but we will always gain newcomers to Christopher Creek and they will bring along their good times to share and we will always remember those we have lost and those that have moved away.

Jay Fitzgibbons and Robert McWorthy set up this year’s party, they cleaned up the lot and brought the wood in for the bonfire. Robert was cooking the bratwurst when I arrived.

Carol Hiscox from Creekside set up the tables and brought in the supplies. Cindy Finch, owner of Creekside donated the bratwurst, and everyone brought a potluck dish to share and a story to tell.

It was a beautiful night with no rain and some of those who showed up will once again make new memories to carry on.

They danced the night away to the music of Bud light John in front of a bonfire that lit the night up. Stories were told and memories were made until next year when they will celebrate 30 wonderful years of fun.

Thanks for the memories.

10th annual ladies retreat

The 10th ladies retreat is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 8, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Christopher Creek Bible Fellowship Chapel.

It is a salad luncheon, so bring along your favorite salad to share. This year’s theme is “Following God’s Will.”

Join them for Bible teaching, sharing, good food and fellowship. You are welcome to take a short walk after lunch. Childcare is provided, but you must RSVP your child by Oct. 1 to Theresa Branson at (928) 476-2558.

For more information on this wonderful retreat, call Betty Starr at (928) 478-0398 or Pat Guvara at (928) 478-4122.


Jim Hagan of C-Canyon will be celebrating another birthday on Sept. 22.

A little birdie told me that Ralph Christofferson will be adding another candle to his cake on Sept. 23. I am not sure if it will be crowded on that cake or not, but I know Ralph and he will be celebrating. Ralph is our local Realtor for ERA in Christopher Creek.

Sam Conklin, who is traveling somewhere on the road, will be celebrating on Sept. 24. Judy Sellers of Hunter Creek will add another candle to her cake the same day.

Shelly Sundra of the Christopher/Kohl’s Fire Department will celebrate her birthday on Sept. 26. Erin Ronn has another birthday coming up on Sept. 28 and Diane Davis of Hunter Creek will be celebrating her big day on Sept. 30.

Wishing all of you a happy birthday.


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