Both Sides In ‘Y’ Fight Honor Citizenship


So. The vote’s on after all.

The on-again, off-again, on-again referendum on the proposed lease of park land to the YMCA for a recreation center in Payson made it onto the November ballot by the hair of its chinny chin chin.

Now all the voters have to do is make sense of a complicated deal in a couple of weeks — and decide what sort of community we want to be.

We hope that the voters will prove as serious about their responsibilities in this matter as the council, the YMCA, the citizen critics and the many advocates have already done.

We wanted to take this opportunity to make note of the passion and community spirit on both sides of this debate.

The residents who didn’t like the deal and so gathered 1,500 signatures acted in the best spirit of citizenship. We applaud their activism.

The town council, for its part, could have easily sat on its hands. Instead, the town vigorously defended the right of those 1,500 petition signers to be heard — even when they seemed to disagree with the deep-felt position of the council.

Finally, we also appreciate the persistence of the YMCA and the equally passionate advocates for the plan in Payson. The Friends of Payson Parks and Recreation have devoted years of selfless effort to their vision of this community and to the needs of their fellow citizens.

So now, the rest of us get to have the final say.

We hope that you will take the trouble to cast an informed vote.

And to honor the commitment and dedication of your fellow citizens — on both sides of a vital question.


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