More Access To Main Street Needed



Some time back, there was an article that mentioned, putting a roundabout at the casino and Payson Event Center intersection.

This article about a roundabout by the casino did not go quite far enough. If only there was some way to connect McLane Street to this roundabout, it might solve the problem of Main Street.

Until you can have access to Main Street to make it a drive through, it is never going to be anything more than a side street.

All of the businesses on Main Street that are thriving are points of destination. Without enough drive-by traffic coming in here, you don’t get the “Lookie Lous” that are needed.

In addition, you need large signs at this point (south of the roundabout) telling people what’s on Main Street. What type of shops and services are available, signs for Green Valley Park, Payson Golf Course and Zane Grey Cabin.

What do we have now? Absolutely nothing.

We keep throwing money away on studies of what might be, what could be, what should be. Until people have easy access to Main Street It will never be a “Main Street.”

Tom Tainsh


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