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It’s been a very difficult couple of weeks at Payson Humane Society. There are a lot of questions to answer, so let’s give it a try.

We have closed the facility — effective Wednesday, Sept. 24 — for at least one week. The reason for the closure is to give us the opportunity to do a deep and thorough cleaning.

It has been an extremely bad year in the community (not just here at the shelter) for giardia — a parasitic organism that can cause intestinal infection. We have had an outbreak that we are struggling to get under control. To do that, we will need to seal some of our surfaces with paint after they are cleaned.

We must stress that all of the animals ARE NOT SICK. But we have an obligation to this community to do everything in our power to not send any viruses or parasites out with an adopted animal.

We have also had an upper respiratory virus affect some of our cats, and have had to depopulate three of our common cat houses.

These are very heart-wrenching and difficult decisions to make, and we rely greatly on the advice from our veterinarians and follow their instructions.

We are asking that the community stand by us during these very difficult times and continue to support the operating and capital campaign funds so we can build our new shelter and say good-bye to this dilapidated, impossible-to-maintain building. Mail your donations to Payson Humane Society, P.O. Box 242, Payson, AZ 85547 (please specify on your check if you want your donation to go toward the building fund).

Above all, please have faith in us and know that we do deeply love every single animal that comes through our front door. We will continue our vision of rescuing and finding loving homes for the lost and abandoned animals of Rim Country until, hopefully, someday there is no longer a need for such a place.

Following are some of the wonderful dogs available for adoption at the shelter. Please pay them a visit at 812 S. McLane Road when our facility reopens.


Lola is a beautiful, green-eyed, 3-month-old female Labrador mix. She is docile, affectionate and just wants someone to love her. Payson Humane Society is confident that Lola will find the right home soon and, in the meantime, she will grow more beautiful every day.


Milo is a 5-year-old male Pug whose owner went into a nursing home. Milo is very obedient and obviously has received some training. He has a large, yet compact body, and a very noticeable underbite. Milo is a sensitive dog who just wants to please his owner. One look into his adorable wrinkled face, and Milo will be sure to win over your heart.


Tiki is a 4-year-old female Pug who was brought in with her buddy Milo, because their owner had to go into a nursing home. Tiki is also very obedient, well-trained and sweet. She has an adorable, tightly curled tail, short, stocky body and is ready to find her home. She has been spayed and is anxious to meet you, so come over and meet Tiki and see if she is what you have been looking for all your life!


This dude is a 1-1/2-year-old male Pit Bull mix who is gentle and calm. Tex’s new family should have some experience with his breed, and lead an active life. Lots of things make Tex smile and bring him joy, but the one thing that will really make him happy — going home to a loving, new family. Come on over to Payson Humane Society and ask for Tex.


This little gal is 4 months old and a Pit Bull mix. Playful, eager and friendly are just some of the words to describe her personality and name. She is curious about the world around her and loves going on daily walks. Right now, Too Sassy’s main goal in life is just to play, play and play! If you’d like to meet this great little playmate, come over and get ready for some fun!


Buster was dropped off at Payson Humane Society early this month. He is a 5-month-old Hound mix. He’s a gentle, yet energetic and happy young fellow. He needs an owner who will give him some training and love and a forever home. He is a very loving and trainable pup who needs to bond quickly with his new owner. Hurry over and meet this adorable little hound!


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