Remember, Coaches Of Recreational Teams Are Volunteers



I was at my grandson’s flag football game last night and I saw something I think every parent should think about. 

After the game was over, a parent called her son’s coach over and loudly yelled at him for yelling at her son and making him cry.

Please, parents, the coaches — men and women — are volunteers.

They give of their time and talent to teach the kids they care about so they can participate in sports and events and keep the cost down.

If you have something negative you want to discuss with your child’s coach, please get a phone number and do it in private.

When we left the field, the coach was on his knees talking to the boy to make him feel better. He said the boy was acting disrespectful to him and the players and he was just trying to teach him.

To all the coaches who give of their time and talent at the practices and every game, God bless you all.

Mr. and Mrs. Jordan


Pat Randall 8 years, 4 months ago

That parent should be banned from all future games !


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