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Every day we are forced to deal with somebody personally or professionally who is rude, demeaning, wrong, unprofessional, etc. At least once a month I find myself saying, “Oh, that gripes me. That deserves a letter to the editor. I’ll teach them.” Then every time I choose instead to let it go and just learn from my experience.

Well, I have finally found an instance worth writing in for that was a truly positive experience.

My husband and I recently started looking for a home. What a journey. By May we had decided to move to the Valley because Payson still seemed so overpriced. Fortunately, it did not take long to change our minds about moving out of Payson. It was just so hot and ugly down there.

We had gone to Glen Whitlock at Wholesale Lending about our mortgage financing. The first time we called Glen was during the big ARM boom. Glen dissuaded us from making that big mistake. Instead he encouraged us to wait, save our money, raise our credit score and get in on a legitimate safe loan program. Talk about thankful already!

After dealing with several real estate agents, we got the name of Sherri Gray with Four Seasons Realty. Wow, what a breath of fresh air she was. Finally, somebody who genuinely cared that we get the “right” house for us.

We didn’t have hundreds of thousands to spend on a home. As a matter of fact, we were on a very modest budget.

I have never been treated so respectfully by any business in Payson as I was with this team. Sherri fully dedicated herself to finding us our dream home and Glen Whitlock and Barbara Tulleys jumped through hoops to get us the best loan program, interest rate, etc. and all within the amount of time that we had really hoped for.

It is so refreshing to see other businesses that strive to make their customers come first. I hope that maybe this might encourage others as well to write in for the good. Payson was once a positive, super friendly town full of businesses that went the extra mile. Nowadays, it seems as if you can palpate the negativity and bad attitudes. Whatever happened to living by “The Golden Rule?”

Thank you Sherri and 4 Seasons and Glen and Barbara and Wholesale Lending for renewing my faith in mankind and in this town!

There really are a lot of good people and businesses in this town. Let’s help each other find them and fight negativity at the same time. Write the editor about somebody that really goes the extra mile and remembers why they are in business: for the customer. And my other favorite rule that I try to live by is if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all!

Terri Bland


Editor’s note: This letter was edited for space


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