The ‘Road To Nowhere’



Despite all the rhetoric we Americans have heard from Alaska’s Gov. Sarah Palin, Alaska now has a “Road to Nowhere” going to what would have been the “Bridge to Nowhere.” Alaska’s transportation department has completed a $25 million gravel road leading to the site of a bridge that Sarah Palin now boasts she stopped, so as to save taxpayers money.

The “Road to Nowhere,” which opened several days ago, was built with my and your tax dollars. The $25 million taxpayer funded 3-mile road will be useful for road races, hunters and possibly future development in Alaska.

Sarah Palin repeatedly tells campaign crowds she said “thanks but no thanks” to Washington when it came up with $400 million for the famous “Bridge to Nowhere” but, in fact, Gov. Palin supported the bridge during her campaign for governor in 2006, then pulled back taxpayer money for it a year later, after Washington had pulled the plug. Guess what will most likely be built next year when the taxpayers aren’t looking? Yes, the “Bridge to Nowhere” will be built to connect with the “Road to Nowhere.”

Now we are being told by the Bush administration that we, the taxpayers, must bailout the Wall Street Fat Cats who drove their corporations into the dirt and then flew off into the sunset on their multimillion dollar private jets with their pockets stuffed with millions of dollars. We, the people, are being lied to and as one very irate taxpayer, I am not going to take this anymore. When I cast my vote this November, be assured that my vote will not be for Sarah Palin or any other Republican scoundrel who only lies to all of us. I am mad as hell and I am not going to take this anymore!

Dann Murray



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