Rehab Services Can Help Restore A Quality Of Life

Rehabilitation programs can help people recover from strokes, arthritis, other medical setbacks



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Ralph Watson tries out his new prostheses which feature computer controlled ankles. Watson’s rehabilitation is supervised by physical therapist Neil Gregor and prosthetic and orthotic technician Eric Prescott at Payson Care Center.


Cory Houghton

Helping patients enjoy life again is the goal of those who work in rehabilitation services at Payson Regional Medical Center.

To reach that goal, local health care professionals offer a variety of services ranging from acute inpatient care to outpatient rehabilitation at home.

Among the services offered are occupational, speech and physical therapy, all designed to meet the patients’ personal needs.

“No matter what the consumers’ needs are, our job is to meet them,” said PRMC Director of Marketing Cory Houghton.

Occupational therapy, often referred to as “OT,” is available to patients who have suffered different types of setbacks including stroke, arthritis, trauma, joint replacement and others.

Therapists work with individuals, families and groups to facilitate health through their occupations.

In short, occupational therapy provides patients the skills they need for their jobs and living life to the fullest.

Speech therapy at PRMC is available to those with speech and/or language disorders.

In children, the disorders can include articulation, stuttering, resonance and oral feeding.

In adults, speech disorders can be caused by dementia, stroke, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and head trauma.

The duties of speech therapists at PRMC are to provide screening, consultation, diagnosis, treatment, counseling and follow-up services for the disorders.

Sports medicine is also a rehabilitation service offered at PRMC where the most advanced technology and two highly qualified surgeons are available.

The center offers orthopedic surgery including advanced knee/ligament reconstruction, advanced shoulder technique, total joint replacements and trauma and fracture care.

PRMC certified health care professionals work hand in hand with the physicians to treat high school, recreational and amateur athletes. The professionals’ goals are to help prevent injuries, give immediate care to those who are injured and then provide rehabilitation services.

Reconditioning of the athletes is also included in most sports medicine programs, as it is at PRMC.

Also, some competitive athletes have trouble coping with injury, which makes the services offered by PRMC athletic trainers and health care professionals both mentally and physically helpful. A strategy often used to relieve stress and anxiety is exercising the noninjured body parts. For some PHS athletes, trainers sometimes recommend going to practice and games as stress relieving.

Among the therapy treatments available at the center are:

• Massage

• Aquatic therapy

• Whirlpool

• Paraffin bath

• Therapeutic ultrasound

• Ice massage

• Balance training

• Electrical stimulation

• Coordination training

• Iontophoresis

• Ice Massage

• Phonophoresis

For more information about any of the therapies, call (928) 472-5230.


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