Letter Misunderstood



I think Mr. Hamric may have misunderstood the purpose of my March 24 letter when I was answering acid remarks by an individual about California’s successful environmental laws.

Re-reading my letter to the editor, there are points supporting Mr. Hamric’s comments in it. There is nothing in Mr. Hamric’s letter to challenge. He used third-party data, the same as I did in my research, to support his position. I might add, there are other California negatives, too long to list.

It is my opinion, California business conditions will improve over the next several years. In spite of recent California job losses, it’s GDP is now the sixth largest in the world, moving up from seventh last year.

California has 10 percent of the United States population, and with that comes influence at the highest federal governmental levels. Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is from San Francisco.

California has 10 percent of the House seats and now California Democrat Representatives chair most of the powerful house committees. Ditto for California Democrat Senators Fienstein and Boxer.

The state will receive more federal stimulus dollars than the next four states, combined. Workers will slowly begin returning to California as the dollar pipeline begins to flow.

Again, I support Mr. Hamric’s comments to the words.

Gene Hinds

Redlands, Calif.


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