Myths About Purchase Of Water Company



There are many myths in the Pine/ Strawberry community concerning the purchase of the Pine Water Company and the Strawberry Water Company.

The latest myth is by far the most ridiculous. This myth states that some people in the community are causing large expenditures of PSWID funds by short-circuiting the purchase of the water companies. There is no truth in this myth. No one in the community is short-circuiting the purchase because no one in the community outside of PSWID board members has the power to take part in or in any way interfere with negotiations between PSWID and Bob Hardcastle, the owner of the water companies. In addition, no one outside of PSWID board members has control of PSWID finances.

Of the projected PSWID expenditures of $530,952.18 for the fiscal year ending June 2009, legal fees are projected to amount to $279,500. Full responsibility for these high legal fees belongs to those PSWID board members whose anger led them to choose a contentious approach to the water companies purchase. PSWID is responsible for the legal fees as the attorney was acting at the direction of PSWID board members and no one else.

PSWID should know that anger does not lead to successful negotiations. Whatever PSWID board members might personally believe about Bob Hardcastle, and however badly he might act, PSWID should realize that following the Rim Country Water anger tactic of calling Bob Hardcastle names will not move the water companies purchase in the right direction. PSWID board members need to remember that the water companies purchase is not about “getting” Hardcastle, but about getting the best deal for the residents of Pine/Strawberry.

It is time to be sensible and cool-headed. Anger is only causing higher legal fees and the creation of community damaging myths.

Bernice E. Winandy


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